Transparent LED Signage

High-impact, transparent displays that command attention

Transparent LED displays are being used worldwide to grab customers’ attention. This unique, high impact display solution is sleek, lightweight and modular. It offers second-to-none brightness and creative versatility that meet every need from window-size posters up to giant custom wall installations.

Exceptionally Visible

Transparent LED displays are astoundingly bright, making them visible 24/7, even in bright daylight.

High Transparency

Transparent LED displays enhance interior ambiance with natural light, while allowing outside prospective customers to see inside.

Modular Design​

Create small, medium, large, and even extra-large LED screens—there are no size limitations.

Energy Efficient & Longer Lifetime​

Transparent LED displays offer one of the highest energy consumption savings of any digital signage on the market today.

Minimal Maintenance Required​

LED strips have a long life expectancy and can be replaced quickly and easily when needed without the need to replace the entire module.

Updates Made Easy​

Updates are quickly and easily made through our intuitive web portal.


Command Attention

Grab the attention of your customers with transparent LED displays that are visible 24/7, even in bright daylight.

Increase Sales

Boost sales, maximize profitability and deliver unbeatable return on investment.

Save Time

Eliminate need to print, ship and install new paper posters. Update display within seconds across all locations.

Save Money

Cut costs by eliminating printing, delivery, installation and disposal costs due to paper based posters.

Competitive Advantage

Stand out from your competition by leveraging cutting-edge, unique transparent LED technology.

Build Brand Value

Enhance your brand image with eye-catching and captivating visual effects.

A- Transparent LED Poster

Get your business noticed with Spectracolor’s Transparent LED Poster, the best digital window poster for maximum exposure.

Spectracolor’s Transparent LED Poster has been designed with simplicity and user friendliness in mind. The Transparent LED Poster is sleek, lightweight, and convenient. Ideal for a multitude of installations, you can use the Transparent LED Poster for window advertising as well as for in-store announcements, trade show and event promotions, and drive-through specials.

Perfectly Designed for Window Advertising

With up to 5500nits in brightness, Spectracolor’s Transparent LED Poster is visible 24/7, even in bright daylight. It’s the surefire way to get your product, services or brand noticed day and night.  Traditional window posters act as a light blocker, Spectracolor’s Transparent LED Posters allow natural daylight to filter in while allowing shoppers to see in.

Out-of-the-box in Three Perfect Size Options

Spectracolor’s Transparent LED Poster comes in three useful sizes to meet your space requirements: 500mm*500mm, 1000mm*500mm & 1000mm*1000mm. 

Manage Your Transparent LED Poster Anywhere, Anytime

Once your Transparent LED Poster is set up, you are in complete control. It’s quick and easy to remotely update the content on the display (static and video) through Spectracolor’s web portal. Your Transparent LED window poster will never be out-of-date again.

Unbeatable Return on Investment

Transparent LED Posters deliver ~360% increase in sales when used to advertise products. Whether buying or leasing, your Transparent LED Poster, you’ll benefit from increased sales and brand awareness.

Features & Benefits

Transparent LED Display

B- Transparent LED Wall

Spectracolor’ s Transparent LED Video Wall solution is a highly versatile system that is trusted by leading brands. Transparent LED video wall is used to create highly impressive and memorable displays on the world stage that command attention.

Perfect for Window Advertising

Spectracolor’s Transparent LED Video Wall’s unique transparency allows daylight to filter through into the store, creating a natural interior atmosphere while still delivering attention-getting images or video on the front of the display. With up to 5500nits in brightness, Spectracolor’s Transparent LED Video Wall displays are visible 24/7, even in bright daylight, and beat traditional signs, non-transparent LED displays, projectors, and LCD signs.

Highly Customizable Display

Spectracolor’s Transparent LED Video Wall can be designed to create attention-getting displays that are customized to fit your indoor architecture, no matter the size, from small displays to giant transparent LED video screens and even overhead canopies. Transparent LED Video Walls are ideal for permanent and semi-permanent displays, including store-fronts, concert displays, entertainment venues, national landmarks, and trade shows, and many other applications. 

High Resolution Display Ensures Stunning Imagery

Our super high-density pixel pitch means sharper, more attractive imagery on your Transparent LED Wall display.

Manage Your Transparent LED Wall Anywhere, Anytime

Once your Transparent LED Wall is set up, you are in complete control. It’s quick and easy to remotely update the content on the display (static and video) through Spectracolor’s web portal. 

Perfectly Engineered With Modular Benefits

Created for high-profile installations, Transparent LED Video Wall is a lightweight, modular system. It is easy to install and delivers extraordinary brightness and high resolution. Power supplies and receiving cards are built into the modules, and power cables are easily connected, plus a handle is built into the back of each module making it easy to assemble, disassemble, and handle your display.

Features & Benefits

Transparent LED Display