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Digital building directories

Enhance your visitors' experience with modern digital building directories

Spectracolor provides state-of-the-art digital tenant directories, lobby directories and digital physician directories that give property managers the ability to maintain tenant’s listings, show meeting times, daily events and more.

Tenant Information

List tenants along relevant information such as suite numbers, logo or just an industry icon.

Remote Management

Manage your building directories via a web portal.

Wireless Capability

In the event that your facilities can’t provide Internet access, Spectracolor direct wireless connectivity allows users with a mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop) to update the directories in the vicinity of the directories. 

Floor Plans & Building Maps

Display floor plans or building maps in 2D or 3D.

Digital Building Directories


Post leasing information, available units and tenants that are away on vacations.

Generate Extra Revenues with Ads

Sell ad space to tenants or third parties to generate extra revenues.

Emergency Mode

In of an emergency, quickly put the screen in emergency mode to display only relevant information.

Multi-Language Display

 Display the same information in different languages.

Landscape or Portrait

Display building directories in either landscape or portrait orientation.