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Entice and engage your customers with Spectracolor’s sleek, dynamic and mobile Digital Kiosks

Drive sales at the point of sale with Spectracolor’s stunning, dynamic and reliable shelf edge displays Spectracolor’s dynamic shelf edge displays bring ordinary retail shelves to life, giving retailers and brands the unique opportunity to advertise to customers at the point of sale.

Grocery Shelf Screens

Deliver an enhanced shopping experience to consumers. Implement price updates in seconds across one or multiple stores.

Retail Shelf Screens

Integrated shelf screens seamlessly into your retail environment. 

Digital Shelf Edge Displays

Cosmetic Shelf Screens

Effortlessly capture shoppers’ attention and boost sales.  

Jewellery Shelf Screens

Turn your jewellery shop into a modern retail business that stands out from your competitors.

Pharmacy Shelf Screens

Deliver relevant messaging to consumers at the shelf edge for an enhanced shopping experience.

Eye Care Shelf Screens

Engage with your customers at the shelf edge with modern, dynamic shelf screens. 

Benefits of Shelf Edge Displays

Increase Sales

Capture customers’ attention and engage with them at the shelf edge to drive up sales.

Save Time

Update pricing information within seconds. Deliver marketing campaigns in an instant.

Save Money

Eliminate costs from printing and shipping paper price labels and promotions.

Competitive Advantage

Make your brand stand out in a competitive marketplace. Quickly change pricing based on competitor’s pricing.

Improve Accuracy

Reduce pricing errors by automating pricing and promotional updates.

Enhance Customer Experience

Deliver relevant messaging to consumers at the shelf for a more satisfying shopping experience.


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