Digital Signage for Real Estate Boost your sales, visibility and communication effectiveness with dynamic digital signage solutions

Digital signage for real estate allows brokerage firms and agents to showcase listings and to publish mortgage rate information, training schedules, and much more.

Open Houses​

Let your audience know when the next open house is available for them. Select the main features you want to tell your audience such as date, time, address, etc. Increase the volume of clients show casting your open houses.

Showcase Listings​

Showcase your property listings in the most flawless way. Select from more than 400 features. With Spectracolor Digital Signage, your listing runs automatically from your Real Estate Board.

Real Estate News

Keep your audience informed on a daily basis about what is happening in your real estate office. Run vital information such as hours of operation, holiday hours, new locations opening up soon, and agent´s news information, etc.

Mortgage Rates​

Showing your audience the importance of knowing about mortgages when they make a decision in their real estate is a key factor in making a sale. Keep them informed with tips and advice.

Training and event Schedule​

Keep your agents and terms informed and involved with the most efficient way to tell them about the kind of trainings and events you have for them each week.


Get involved with your industry and community by advertising lawyers, landscaping companies, mortgage companies and banks, as well as supporting non-profit organizations in your community.

Your Team​

Engage your audience with the professionalism of your team and highlight the best agents of the month.