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Queuing system

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1. Display time, date and temperature alternately
2. Digital height choice: 4°, 6°, 8°, 12°, 16°, 24° etc.
3. Red, amber, green , blue or white are available
4. 12 or 24 hour display format with PM indicator in 12 hour mode
5. Leap year auto adjustment
6. With external temperature probe
7. Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature format
8. Battery backup maintains time during a power failure for up to 10 years .
9. IR remote control or wireless reomote control or RS232 – RS 422 communication mode for programming and time correction.
10. Up to 255 numbers of displays may be synchronized together to display the same time .
11. Weatherproof design for outdoor types and easy to install .
12. Low power consumption and no maintenance cost
13. Ultra brightness and high contrast with 70 degree viewing angle.
14. Auto dimming for outdoor types.
15. GPS module and antenna for accurate time synchronization optional.


Besides foregoing features, other advanced features as follows:
• High reliability
• Display time date temperature and other message with LED matrixes
• Different time zone showed alternatively on a clock.
• Other messages displayed such as even timer
• Any indoor and outdoor LED message sign or miscellaneous form can be selected to build clocks. Customization is available.
• Various display formats for choosing
• Master and start configuration
• Red, amber, green blue and white are available

Synchronization network and GPS
Configuration allows many clocks to work in a network and exactly display the same time. This application is useful in many occasions, such as stations, hospitals, etc.
Mixed types clocks can be connected together through single twisted-pair RS 442 communication. With repeaters numbers of clocks and cable length are unlimited.
Time calibration can be performed through a PC for synchronized connections with the clock system. GPS receiver module allows clocks to be calibrated automatically. That means your clocks will always display the correct legal time, with the GPS receiver, the PC is used for the clocks initialization setting only.
Indoor and outdoor time/temp. LED displays are ideal for attracting potential customer’s attention to your business, while providing beneficial information to the community. Competitively prices to give you outstanding value, while minimizing your maintenance and energy costs.