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1. Display English or European characters as well as graphic symbols.
2. 41 methods of displaying your message (cyclic, scroll up, scroll down, open to center, open from right, open from left, etc.).
3. 9 fonts, each with regular, bold and wide mode user can add or modify the fonts, 67 pieces of other European characters.
4. Built-in timer to power on /off during the day.
5. Built-in real time clock. 4 kinds of time and 5 kinds of data formats. Customized time/data format.
6. With memory capability of 16k bytes per text, 24k bytes for graphics, max 250 test files and 250 graphic files.
7. 8 programmable display speeds.
8. 8 pause periods form 0 to 80 seconds.
9. 3 different buzz sound can be added anywhere within the message.
10. Countdown / count up function.
11. Segmented display capability to allow separate control of sections of the display.
12. Sequencing multiple message built in scheduler for up to 30 tasks. 3 priority setting enables scheduling by week, month or year.
13. Duplex function allows user read data from one sign by a PC and copy it to another sign.
14. Up to 128 units can network via RS422 communication.
15. Interface of the managing software can be in multiple language.
16. Password protection
17. Low consumption
18. Fixing methods desk wall or ceiling
19. TCP IP network control option


Display elementΦ 5mm (default).Φ 3.75mm LED dot matrixes or LED lamps for indoor use: Φ5 or Φ8 for window brightness Color display1. Monochrome: Red, Yellow green, amber, blue, pure green or white etc.
2. RG multi-color: red, green and amber, mix color, etc. total 16 color combinations.
Average LED lifetime100,000 hours PC communicationRS232 or RS422 or modem or GSM modem or Ethernet network Communication distanceMax 15 meters for RS232, 1200 meters for RS422 Viewing angle160° (H/V) for indoor models, 90°/40° (H/V) for window brightness Remote controlIR remote, 62 keys Power input110/120 VAC, 60 Hz/50Hz Memory resistanceOne year Working environmentTemperature: -10°C to +45°C. Humidity: 0% - 95% RH Housing materialBlack powder coated aluminum Optional fittingsRS232 – RS422 convertor, modem, GSM modem, Ethernet adapter
Multi – line electronic message centers offer an added level of flexibility to your information display system. They are excellent for detail and multi-tasking requirements. More specialized functions allow you to develop eye-catching messages that attract more customers and promote their organizations more effectively.
They can stand-alone as a single electronic display or network together as an enterprise wide system of message centers. They are based on a modular construction, which allows for a variety of sizes.
  • • Advertising
  • • Corporate communications
  • • Medical offers
  • • Hospitals
  • • Retail businesses
  • • Safety awareness
  • • Financial
  • • Event listings
  • • Waiting areas
  • • Announcements
  • • Information
  • • Entertainment areas
  • • Lunch specials
  • • Point of purchase
  • • Fund raising