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High transparency can be 60%, meanwhile be installed on wall seamlessly.
High ventilate, no need air conditioner and fan, saving cost.
High transmittance, while the screen installed on the wall it will not influence indoor day light requirement.
Low windage, as for screen body part is cavity, windage reduce, what’s more important that it can save frame structure cost.
High aging-resistant, high waterproof with IP66, high resistance to a terrible working environment.
RGB high grayscale processing, colorful and perfect effect.
Light weight, super slim design, colorful and perfect effect.
Energy saving: the cost of energy can be saved 40% than a normal screen.
Extremely simply the frame structure design to make installation easy and convenient.


Pixel Pitch 25 mm 31.25 mm 50 mm
LED Configuration 1R1G1B DIP346 1R1G1B DIP346 2R2G2B DIP346
Pixel Density 1600dot/m2 1024dot/m2 400dot/m2
Transparency 60% 60% 50%
Bar Arrangement Horizontal /Vertical Horizontal /Vertical Horizontal /Vertical
Module Size 1000 x 400 mm 1500 x 12 mm 2000 x 25 mm
Module Resolution 40 x 16 dot 48 x 1 dot 40 x 1 dot
Cabinet Size 1000 x 800 mm 1500 x 250 mm 2000 x 1600 mm
Cabinet Resolution 40 x 32 dot 48 x 8 dot 40 x 32 dot
Cabinet Weight 13 kg 18 kg 45 kg
IP Rating (front/back) IP66 IP66 IP66
Scanning Mode Static Static Static
Brightness Intensity ≥ 7500CD/m2 ≥ 650CD/m2 ≥ 4500CD/m2
Viewing Angle (H/V) 120°/60° 120°/60° 120°/60°
View Distance >25m >31m >50m
Gray Scale 14bit 14bit 14bit
Display Scale 16.7 M 16.7 M 16.7 M
Max.Power Consumption 540 W/m2 400 W/m2 234 W/m2
Ave.Power Consumption 200W/m2 150W/m2 78W/m2
Refresh Frequency ≥100HZ ≥100HZ ≥100HZ
Brightness Adjustment 0 – 100 levels adjustable
Control Mode Synchronous display with control PC by DVI
Support Input Composite, S-Vido, Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD_SDI
Operation Power AC110/AC220 50/60HZ
Operating Temperature 20°C ~+60°C
Operating Humidity 10~90% RH
Operating Life 100,000hours