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Queuing system

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Room Management:

Nowadays computing technology research is focused on the development of Smart Environments. Following that line of thought several Smart Rooms projects were developed and their appliances of everyday living, entertainment, play and education. These appliances envisage to acquire and apply knowledge about the environment state in order to reason about it so as to define a desired state for tis inhabitants and perform adaptation to these desires and therefore improving their involvement and satisfaction with that environment.

Such “intelligent” or “smart” environments and systems with human beings in a helpful, adaptive, active and unobtrusive way. They may still be proactive, acting autonomously, anticipate the users’ needs, and in some circumstances they may even replace the user. Decision making is one ofhis noblest activities of the human being. Most times, decisions are taken involving several persons (group decision making) in specific spaces (e.g. meeting rooms).


Scheduling • Outlook based reservations
• Web client-based reservations
• IP phone-based reservations
• Interactive signage: Kiosk-based reservations
• Room panel-based reservations
• Mobile app-based reservations
Meeting Space resource management from IP phone • HVAC control
• Lighting control
• Blinds control
• Audio-visual equipment control
• Fault reporting
• Message broadcasting to digital signage
• Lighting controls based on meeting preferences
Meeting Space policies • Energy-savings policies
• Space occupancy confirmation
• Early and automatic release of meeting space
• Extending the time of the meeting space
• Setting the meeting preferences
• Instant, or unplanned, check-in policies
Meeting Space administration • Addition of locations and floor plans
• Addition of meeting spaces to the floor plans
• Addition of devices and other resources to locations
• Modification or deletion of locations and meeting spaces
• Addition of catering services
• Addition and modification of telepresence for meeting spaces
• Addition or modification of user subscription
• Addition or modification and telepresence room subscription
Reporting • Utilization metrics as per defined parameters
• Custom reports
• Emergency notifications
• Conference and telepresence room usage reports
• Green advisor tip notifications
• Message notifications