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Queuing system

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Digital Signage

digital signage screen are suitable for various businesses such restaurants, pizzerias, snack bars, coffee shops etc. to display digital menus and other content.

Photos and videos

digital signage screen are advanced yet user friendly to playback of photos or video. You can create your own playlists and choose from 20 different types of effects and delay the images. The digital signage screens execute the tasks automatically.


there are many advantages using the timer function. It saves on electricity costs. good both economically. In addition, that extents the products life 5 different on /off settings can be set. Built-in battery to save the settings.

Smart! HDMI!

Smart HDMI which allows the product to start automatically when it receives the HDMI signal and turns off when the signal is gone This feature is very useful when you connect an HDMI source to digital sign.

Vertical or horizontal:

Whether you want to set up the digital signage screens vertically or horizontally screens fit perfectly.. The symmetrical bezel makes appearance unscrambled. The light weight also makes it possible to mount the screens almost anywhere.


Model: 32x6-01 40x6-01 46x6-01 58x6-01
Back Light Edge LED Edge LED Edge LED Edge LED
Size/Hz: 32 inch/ 60 Hz 40 inch/ 120 Hz 46 inch/ 120 Hz 58 inch/ 120 Hz
Resolution: 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080
Viewing Angel: 178x178 178x178 178x178 178x178
Colors: 16.7 mil 16.7 mil 16.7 mil 16.7 mil
D.contrast: 100 000:1 100 000:1 100 000:1 100 000:1
Brightness: 450 cd/m3 400 cd/m3 400 cd/m3 400 cd/m3
Response time: 6.5 ms 6.5 ms 6.5 ms 6.5 ms
Power Cons.: Max 60 W Max 65 W Max 85 W Max 120 W
Backlight Life: +60 000 hours +60 000 hours +60 000 hours +60 000 hours
Weight: 6 kg 9 kg 14 kg 30 kg
Dimension: 726x421x38 mm 915x530x38 mm 1044x600x38 mm 1295x745x38 mm
HDMI: 1 1 1 1
AV 1 1 1 1
PC/VGA 1 1 1 1
Component 1 1 1 1
USB 1 1 1 1
SD-Card 1 1 1 1